About Kyla Phoenix Silverthorne

The Last 5 Years

Kyla Phoenix Silverthorne originally hails from Marshalltown, Iowa, but moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1998 and then to Medford, Wisconsin in 2016. She is currently in a loving relationship with Jeremiah Poncek and they are raising her son Dereck and their daughter Amelia together. The last 5 years of her life have been extremely difficult and have included many life changing events such as a job loss, foreclosure, domestic abuse, divorce, custody trauma, public shaming and slander, mental & physical health problems, religious & ideological changes, finding and becoming committed to her soulmate, pregnancy, major life goal shifts, weight loss & diet change, and acquiring an entirely new and wonderful life.

Writing Topics

Her primary writing interests are personal, poetry, spirituality, natural forms of healing, environmentalism, sustainable organic farming, feminism, political and behavioral.

Website Management

She is the creator and manager of various business and their websites such as a resource center, an online school, an online storefront, a farming homestead, and business FB pages and groups. Below is a list of all the things she has created and manages.

Phoenix Rising Resource Center – Our primary focus is to encourage a healthy connection between humanity and nature by providing individuals and groups with sacred space in nature to host their own healing retreats, educational seminars, seasonal celebrations and spiritual ceremonies.

Phoenix Rising Resource Center’s Online Shop – This is an online store front for the PRRC and its Affiliates.

Silverthorne Academy – We are an online globally accessible educational resource that shares a variety of courses from the affiliates of the Phoenix Rising Resource Center’s with the goal of raising students environmental, physical and spiritual awareness.

Phoenix Mageki – We are an alternative healing center that focuses on providing the community with healing services and educational courses about a wide variety of energetic healing art forms in order to empower individuals to become capable of healing themselves.

Phoenix Alchemy – We are an online group and store that focuses on providing people with herbal products for healing as well as educational courses that cover how to grow and forage for herbs, and then how to use them medicinally, nutritionally and spiritually to heal their mind, body and spirit.   

Phoenix Fire Studio – We focus on providing the community with instructional videos about how to create eco-friendly items for healing and spiritual practices by trying to primarily use reclaimed and re-purposed items in their creation.

Silver Creek Farm – We are a homestead offers the community educational courses about how to grow food and live stock organically while following sustainable principles. 

Bewitchin Kitchens – We are an online group that provide the community with articles and instructional videos that teach “Hearth Warming” energy work, which focuses on seasonal activities that included but are not limited to food preparation, conservation and preservation, which aid in the prevention of wasting vital resources. 

A Phoenix Nest – We are personal blog of our founder Kyla Phoenix Silverthorne where she creates and posts informative articles covering a wide variety of subjects such as personal, poetry, spirituality, natural forms of healing, environmentalism, sustainable organic farming, feminism, political and behavioral.

Website Links

Phoenix Rising Resource Center – Website

Phoenix Rising Resource Center –  FB Page

Phoenix Rising Resource Center –  FB Group

Phoenix Rising Resource Center – Online Square Shop

Silverthorne Academy – Online School

Phoenix Mageki – Website

Phoenix Mageki – FB Page

Phoenix Alchemy – FB Page

Phoenix Fire Studio – FB Page

Silver Creek Farm – Website

Silver Creek Farm – FB Page

Silver Creek Farm – FB Group

Bewitchin Kitchens – FB Page

A Phoenix Nest – Personal Blog

Skill Sets

Her skill sets include several years of experience with – Management, Organic & Urban Farming, Alternative Healing Art Forms, Artistry, Writing, Empathic & Claire Gifts, Divination, Food Preservation & Cooking, and Hearth Warming & Mothering to name a few.