My Baby Chick Brooder

I’m so excited I just got an email that my baby chick brooder just got delivered! In the picture I know there is a rabbit in it, but it can also be used as a chicken house to house humanely 2 chickens, or in my case to house baby chicks until they transition to the big house. I am so thrilled to put it together, because that means when my baby chicks get here they will have something to live in until the big house gets finished that we are working on. At first when the baby chicks are under 2 week old they will be inside, because they are at their most fragile, but when I think they are ready even if it takes longer than I will transfer them outdoors into the brooder. I will also be raising chickens for meat this year in chicken tractors and moving them about the property, so they can get plenty of sunshine, bugs and greens and still be protected from predators. There will be no egg and chicken meat shortages in this house this year. I have always been a big advocate of the backyard chickens in town. It is something that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did and was just a normal part of life for them. I dearly love chickens and they’re wonderful bright chipper personalities and the sound they make and their myriad of colors and types is fascinating. I had one chicken that was so hand tame that she would come up to me and want me to hold her and pet her and her name was Aphrodite, which suited her well.

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