The Food Privileges of Our Ancestors

Our grandparents and great grandparents used to go to what was called back in the day a General Store. They were a far cry from a mega superstores we have today, but amazingly they still manage to keep their family fed. In these general stores there was no frozen food section, a very limited produce section depending on the time of year, very few canned goods and they were usually supplied by locals and no frozen meat section, but sometimes they did have a butcher counter, unless there was a separate butcher shop in town. If you went into a general store back in the day you would find that they had some gardening and farming supplies, sewing supplies and bulk dry goods typically. The entire premise of the store was to provide people with items that helped people to farm and grow their own food and preserve it and create their own clothing. Just a thought, but maybe we should go back to living like this, because when we lived like this we were all a lot healthier.

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