Cooking Wild Game

Tonight for dinner I decided to cook wild game meat in two different dishes. The first is a venison stew with potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic in a vegetable broth with sweet basil and rosemary. The next dish is bear meat cooked with sautéed onions in basil oil and a tomato pesto with garlic, rosemary and sweet basil.

Now for most of you out there I’m sure you buy your meat at the grocery store, but wild game is an extremely healthy choice if you can come by it or you know how to hunt. Considering that most meat in the supermarket is fed GMO corn and anabiotic’s and is usually not organically raised wild caught meat and fish can be a safer choice.

My goal is to be able to go hunting next season and do a considerable amount of fishing and foraging as well as bird hunting. My wish is to provide meat for my family either through hunting or raising our own livestock here at the farm in the future. Where my meat comes from and how it is cared for and raised is something I have learned to care about and I would suggest to my readers to look into it as well.

I wish you all happy hunting and foraging and cooking.

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