A Trumpet Sounding Our Wake Up Call

Even though I do not consider myself a Christian I have always found the imagery of the trumpet being blown to signal the apocalypse to be extremely powerful. The word apocalypse conjures all sorts of imagery for me like the aftermath of nuclear war, but the meaning behind the word has a far different connotation than this. In Greek it means to uncover or to peel back the layers until it is uncovered, which I find extremely enlightening and empowering instead of fearful. Something I learned from Nadia Bolz Weber.

In a discussion I had with the person a while back I brought up the fact that whether you’re a Trump supporter or not you must acknowledge that his presence as our president has through agitation awakened many people that before were in a complacency coma. Sometimes in life we need to have an adjutant in order to bring about change even though I don’t think this was what Trump was consciously intending to do. For far too long in this country we have remained asleep and now it is time to wake up and open our eyes and make changes.

The reality is that Trump’s way of doing things creates a angry reaction like a person might have if a cold cup of water was thrown into their face while deeply sleeping. When that agitating cup of water hits us we instantly wake up and open our eyes and get pissed off. He is like the straw that broke the camels back in other words. It is my belief that the apocalyptic trumpet is Trump and that him constantly sounding off has started a chain reaction that has brought about the apocalypse or the uncovering of truth. What is being uncovered? Everything. All of us are being given the challenge of seeing the world and ourselves as it or we truly are and it is forcing us to coming to terms with the reality we have all jointly created. Before him you might’ve asked yourself, “Are things really that bad?”

The answer to that question is “YES!” and it has been for a very long time. A very wise comedian named George Carlin once said that if we have crappy people in politics it’s because we are making crappy people. To me Trump has made us realize the truth of George Carlin’s words. Trump whether we like it or not represents a portion of our population in this country and their opinions. If you don’t like these opinions then wake up and start doing something about changing the opinions of his supporters. But, if you choose to remain complacent and unresponsive then don’t complain when events happen that can and will affect you, which may seem unjust.

Now is the time for us to uncover the reality of who we are as people and of how low we have allowed humanity to sink and our world with us. People treat the word “Political” like it’s a dirty word saying “I not going to be political” to imply they are going to be negative. To me it doesn’t imply a lack of negativity to me it implies a lack of responsibility on that person’s part for what they owe to the rest of society through their necessary participation in the creation and maintenance of our government and our world. Your liberties make you free, but freedom is not given for free, and it requires work to create and maintain them. Now all of our eyes are opening and we are seeing this truth uncovered, which is that we must all be accountable for the creation and maintenance of our freedoms.

My writing was partly inspired by a video done by Nadia Bolz Weber, which I will post. Thank you Nadia for your words. I was also inspired by the comedian George Carlin and his thoughts about the functioning of our government. Thank you George wherever you are.

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