🐓 Building a Chicken House 🐥

The first chicken house I was apart of building was at my old home and it was made out of 80% pallets and reclaimed lumber and other items. It’s size was a 10 x 12 foot with a completely enclosed chicken run that was 10 x 15 foot. The wood for the run and the paneling except for a small portion on the backside was reclaimed Cedarwood that I got for free from a Carpender tearing down a deck and carport. After I got the wood home we had to remove all the nails and screws and cut it to size and then paint it. The only things new and used that were purchased for the house was a small amount of siding, the roof boards and roofing, a used door and window, new door hinges and locks along with internal heating and nest boxes and lining for the inside. Unfortunately when I and my son had to move out of my home in 2016 the beautiful chicken house was left behind.

Over this last weekend Jeremiah and I started our new chicken house, which will be 8′ x 8′ and be a lean to roof style. It will have a fenced in run that will be sizable, but will not be covered above. It will also be made out of pallets and covered in reclaimed metal siding with a new translucent roof to let in sunlight and Jeremiah plans to make a custom door for it. My plan is to paint it the same color as my old chicken house, which was sawdust yellow with sage green trim and purple accents. It will have a different design than my old one, but my plan is to keep the same colors for sentimental reasons. When we get done with it my plan is to take pictures and share it construction design with everyone in order to show everyone how easy it is to make structures out of pallets and reclaimed wood. Below are pictures of my old chicken house from my old home I hope you enjoy them.

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