Tonight’s Dinner – Beef Stroganoff

Tonight for dinner we ate beef stroganoff with handmade noodles accompanied with a handmade loaf of white bread stuffed with cheddar cheese chunks and with melted cheddar cheese on top. To make this fabulous meal I spent good deal of time needing dough to make the bread and the noodles, which was definitely a work out for the hands and arms. In all truth I haven’t made beef stroganoff in almost 20 years and I decided that I wanted to give my family some extra love today by making the noodles by hand. The bread loaf was my first attempt at homemade bread without a bread machine and frankly it is 10 times better than what I had made before with the bread machine. The loaves ended up being absolutely huge and delicious and lovely and I look forward to making more bread in the future. The weight of the noodles and the bread were so filling compared to the cheap stuff that we have purchased in the store that it filled us up quickly. Just goes to show that homemade is the best and definitely the most cost-effective along with the highest quality.

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