Personal Sovereignty

I am Pro-Choice, because I believe that my body and what I choose to do to it is my choice and I believe that this is also the right of every other person either man or woman. Even though I would not choose to have an abortion myself I still believe in having that choice and allowing other women to have a choice as well. It is my absolute and firm belief that all people everywhere have the right to have “personal sovereignty” over themselves. Furthermore I believe none of our healthcare choices that we make for our bodies should ever be controlled by any government, political party, religious organization or anyone!

The reality is if we allow our rights to be taken in any regard than we must ask ourselves, “What rights will be taken next?” Will we lose the ability to vote? Will we lose the ability to own property? Will we lose the ability to work outside of the home? Will we lose our right to hold an elected office? What will be next because there is always a next, unless it is stopped right here and right now for all time. History teaches us that if we allow one of our rights to be taken that it will not stop that it will continue! Are you willing to let it continue or are you going to do something about it? Do not fool yourself or let yourself be lulled into complacency, because we could lose everything I mentioned and more in a heartbeat if we don’t fight back!

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