What is a Slave?

According to the dictionary a slave is a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. If there are laws created that determine what we can and cannot do with our bodies and that we must obey or suffer unjust consequences, then the truth is we are slaves to the country that allows these laws to exist. You can say to yourself I am nobody’s slave, but if your disobedience to these laws can cause you to be punished by lifelong imprisonment or death, then accept the reality that you are or have become governmental property hence a slave.

In other words they are making you obey them even though their laws are unjust and rob you of your personal sovereignty. If laws can be created that allow the government to control your personal choices over how you tend to your body then those laws enslave you by denying you your liberty. You may not like me using the terms slave or property to refer to you, but that is what you will become when you are denied your right to make choices for yourself about your own body. Once that first initial step is taken those in power will not just stop at taking away your freedom to make your own reproductive choices.

Historically once the precedent has been set to remove one right from a person then it won’t take very long for them to remove all your rights, and it will happen quicker than you think. Becoming a slave means losing your liberty, which is just another word for freedom. The right to choose how we care for our bodies is a liberty that gives us freedom! The reality check for the day is this – Our liberty in this regard has already been whittled away through various tactics and it is almost totally broken.

Political parties and corporate groups use many devices to control people such as inaccessibility, bureaucracy, and convolution. In other words many people are being denied all kind of health care choices because of a hoop jumping scheme that never ends. If your goal as a patient is to obtain care and the only way you can obtain care is by jumping through an endless series of hoops that will never end then you can never reach your goal.

Your inevitable failure and or concession is the goal of these individuals. The diabolical nature of this type of manipulation to be quite frank is shocking and disgusts me. It is not just seen in the abortion issue, but in our quest to obtain proper general health care. As I said before it is time for all of us to rise up and fight back and to not stop until we write down in stone our absolute right to our personal sovereignty.

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